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25 years old

College Graduate – Business – Operations Management.


Atving, Dirt Biking, Snowmobiling, Snowboarding are some of my favourite things to do.

  1. JIM MCDANIELS says:

    Ref: Make your own hot tub cover.

    Hey Chris, thank-you for your post on making a homemade hot tub cover.
    It inspires me however I’m looking for something more professional looking.
    I wonder if I can use the old foam from my old cover where the vinyl shell has dried up and split. The old foam already has steel c shaped channel beams inserted at the center.
    Most people who are interested in making a homemade one probably still have the factory cover where they could reuse the old foam inserts.
    I see in some commercial or restaurant bathrooms these plastic wall panels I think are like what is seen in some older mobile homes etc.
    I saw one company sells aluminum hot tub covers, using plastic panels could give the same effect. The aluminum covers are very very expensive and I would think are a poor insulator, not good for where I live, Colorado.
    I wonder if these panels could be used to sandwich-cover the foam cores but I don’t know who sells these panels, I haven’t seen them at either my local Home Depot or Lowes…
    And sealing the edges, I don’t know what could be used and hinging the center connecting the two pieces together is the last problem to solve.
    Anyways I thought I’d share with you the idea I have in my head hoping someday I’ll find a way to make it happen.
    I’m on my 2nd hot tub cover and they don’t last long (even though I bought the best one I could find) and are expensive.

    PS great handsome pic

    Take care

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