It has been over a month since I have done the one week Twitter experiment, and I am pleased with the results. If you look below you can see the original stats and then the One week later stats.

ChrisMaeder Twitter Stats:

Start of the week

Following – 16
Followers – 5
# of tweets – 22

End of the week
Following – 20
Followers – 7
# of tweets – 44

As you can tell from the above stats not a lot has changed, I ended up following 4 new people and gained two new followers as well as tweeted 22 times in 7 days. In that week I learned tons about twitter and Hash tags as well as if you tweet about celebrities/politics or something popular you are more likely to get followers.

I have had a few questions regarding this experiment one of them being “Do you still use Twitter?”

The answer is yes, since this experiment I have one new follower and have tweeted 26 more times.

Overall I can see twitter being useful for communicating with other people from around the world. A word of advice is, do not swear or be racist or twitter will ban/suspend your account or will restrict it to 18+ years of age. Also I like to tweet and include either a link or a photo of what it is I am tweeting about. I tweet a few times a week and if you have not yet signed up to twitter.com I would suggest it as almost all Celebrities/ singers/ anyone famous is using it and it will keep you up to date with what they are doing when they are not preforming or acting.

- Chris