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Posted: 1st June 2010 by admin in Building
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Hows it going?
This hot weather we have been getting recently has been amazing for spring. I have a home built thermal solar heated spa in the backyard that uses 1/2″ black tubing ran on the top of our shed to heat the spa on sunny days. Since we have had such nice weather I built a insulated cover and have the pump set on an automatic timer to run during peak sun hours. The hottest the spa/hot tub has been so far this year has been 107 degree’s. it has reached that a few days now. Today alone it was at 104 degree’s and it was only 26 degree’s with some wind, I have noticed when it is cool at night and the we are using the spa it will drop 2-3 degree’s in an hours time. To me that is not a huge heat loss since 107 is to hot to sit in anyway.

Also with this nice weather we have opened our pool which is a great way to cool off during this early summer heat. it stays around 80 degree’s and is heated with gas. When we first opened our pool this year it was only 64 after a few days, lets just say that you do not want to swim in that cold water for to long (lucky for me the spa was up around 100 so it was a nice and fast way to warm back up)

I will hopefully have a video up soon of the whole entire backyard/spa,with how the spa is heated using the thermal solar heater and the home built cover. It has taken around 2.5 years to get the spa to where it is today. It was definitely worth the time and money as we have already used it at least 10 times and it is only May.

Stay tuned for more updates on the spa and other warm weather fun that I will be having during the up coming summer months.

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