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Hello, It has been over a month since I have done the one week Twitter experiment, and I am pleased with the results. If you look below you can see the original stats and then the One week later stats. ChrisMaeder Twitter Stats: Start of the week Following – 16 Followers – 5 # of [...]

One week Twitter Experiment

Posted: 14th September 2010 by admin in Random
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Hello, I have been a member of for a few months now, with very few posts so I decided I would twitter everything I am doing throughout the day for one week ( 7 days) . This idea came to me one day when I noticed a few people had hundreds if not thousands [...]

I have recently started using the website If you have never gone to, you are missing out it is a great deal of fun. Chatroulette is more of a novelty then anything. After 30 min of using it, it tends to get repetitive and boring. I see the same thing over and over, [...]


Posted: 12th February 2010 by admin in Random
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Random Blog Thursday! Here is my first of many to come “Random Blogs” which is a blog about something random I am thinking or that has happened. Socks, which type of sock is the proper folded sock? I was doing my Laundry today and I was putting my socks away, when I thought what is [...]

First Post!

Posted: 16th January 2010 by admin in Random
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Chris Maeder Welcome to My first post on my First Website. Hello everyone how is it going out in Internet land. My site is going to go through a few changes until I get it the way I like it. This will be an ongoing thing until it looks good and I am happy [...]