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Hello, The other day I received an e-mail from Clearly Contacts saying they were giving away 5000 pairs of glasses for free. No catch (just pay the shipping) all you had to do is like the Clearly Contacts Facebook Group and they will give you the coupon code. In my case the Coupon Code was: [...]

Hey, I have just made being a fan of my blog site that much easier, not sure when will update or post something new? With the new subscribe feature we have made it much easier to find out the latest news from Simply enter your e-mail address into the box on the left [...]

Hello, I recently purchased a new computer, and I am currently waiting for all the parts to be delivered. Hopefully with in the next week or so I will have it together and ready for many more blog entries as well as spend many hours searching the internet for sustaining a viable income online. New [...]

5.0 Earthquake in Canada

Posted: 24th June 2010 by admin in Uncategorized
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Hello, I am not sure if everyone felt the Earthquake that Canada had Yesterday afternoon, I personally did not feel it but I did hear it (sounded like a train) while I was at work. A few other people also heard it and said stuff was shaking back and forth. Earthquakes are not uncommon in [...]

Cottage Weekend

Posted: 17th May 2010 by admin in Uncategorized
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Hey, I haven’t posted to much in the past little while, but now I have lots to post about. I recently went to a friends cottage and got to go out riding, it was a lot of fun. Most of the trails were fairly easy not to muddy or rocky, easy hills not to challenging [...]

Hello, Last Month I posted a blog about going to Blue Mountain, well that came and went, while we were at Blue I saw a contest called Love Winter Turn Blue. I brought my Flip camera and filmed us over the weekend and submitted a video to the contest. The contest was running for a [...]

I have recently started using the website If you have never gone to, you are missing out it is a great deal of fun. Chatroulette is more of a novelty then anything. After 30 min of using it, it tends to get repetitive and boring. I see the same thing over and over, [...]

F150 Air Intake

Posted: 9th March 2010 by admin in Uncategorized
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My parents recently went to Florida, and while they were down there they picked me up a Air intake for my truck. It is not a true Cold air intake but it is basically the same thing. It is a Airaid intake for a Ford F150, it says it will give around 18HP increase. It [...]