Christmas & New Years

Posted: 28th December 2010 by admin in Christmas & New Years
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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are revved up for an amazing New Years! I have been really busy lately with Christmas and family things, but I had a few minutes so I figured I would post a blog.
Christmas seems to come and go quicker every year, this year was no exception I mean it is almost 2011.

I had a wonderful Christmas with tons of great freinds and family as well as got some pretty sweet gifts such as; Printer/Copier and scanner, Sweaters, clothes, glove,s ATV parts, ATV riding gear and much more.

Here is a picture of just a few of the items I received this Christmas.

New Years

I am going up North for New Years like I have for the past few years, and every time it is amazing. Skating, snowboarding, partying, relaxing, snowmobiling, sledding and much more.

So stay tuned as I am sure I will have some wonderful Pictures Videos and stories to tell when I return from 2010 New Years.