Posted: 12th February 2010 by admin in Random
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Random Blog Thursday!

Here is my first of many to come “Random Blogs” which is a blog about something random I am thinking or that has happened.

Socks, which type of sock is the proper folded sock?

4 different ways to put away socks.

I was doing my Laundry today and I was putting my socks away, when I thought what is the best way to put socks away. I like to do the first one, I roll them up and flip the elastic over the socks and it makes a nice small ball and does not ruin the elastic. Lately I have just been putting the socks in my draw as singles and I will search until I find a pair.

To me it looks like each person folds socks a different way, some people prefer the log or the ball but some like only the tops together. Other people do not like the socks together at all, they will just leave them apart. I find it interesting that each person says “this is the correct way to fold socks” but in reality socks can be folded anyway.

This was the first thought that came to my mind when I was going to write a blog about something random. Stay tuned for the next “Random blog”

  1. Thank you for posting this story.

  2. Very nice, in tune with the idea.

  3. That it does I suppose.

  4. Eeeeuuuuu. That’s shocking!