5.0 Earthquake in Canada

Posted: 24th June 2010 by admin in Uncategorized
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I am not sure if everyone felt the Earthquake that Canada had Yesterday afternoon, I personally did not feel it but I did hear it (sounded like a train) while I was at work. A few other people also heard it and said stuff was shaking back and forth. Earthquakes are not uncommon in Canada we typically see 300-400 a year but the majority of them are less then 5.0 so we don’t normally feel them. a few geologists are predicting the next 5.0 or greater will be in 5 – 10 years.

I thought this video was fitting for the recent Earthquake we had, *note this video may get deleted from Youtube as the second video will explain.

Since the first video has been removed from Youtube and a few others as well, “Frankie” has posted this video to please ask everyone to remove the earthquake warning video.

I have read that “Frankie” wants to / is an actor and was just acting out an earthquake warning but I guess he does not want it posted around the internet.

So remember in case of earthquake “Have your everything ready”