I have recently started using the website www.Chatroulette.com If you have never gone to chatroulette.com, you are missing out it is a great deal of fun. Chatroulette is more of a novelty then anything. After 30 min of using it, it tends to get repetitive and boring. I see the same thing over and over, some guy starring at the camera just waiting for a girl or something. Another thing that is not so good about Chatroulette is that for every 10 people you see one of them will be some guy jerking off or showing his wiener. I am sure once the website gets established it will set some sort of rules to stop/ban people from doing that, but for now anything goes.

To see some of the best of Chatroulette go to youtube.com and type in chatroulette, they have videos from piano improv to a fake hangings even lady gaga dance videos. I have seen alot of the videos and everytime they keep getting better and better.

Here is a video of myself wearing a football helmet while on chatroulette. I blocked out the girls face as best I could. She asked me why I was wearing a mask and then called me a freak. I found it quite funny since I put the helmet on for a laugh anyway.

Chatroulette would be great for a party setting, where large groups of people are on both ends of the camera and can interact with each other. When it is one on one it tends to be less exciting. If you have yet to try it I encourage you to check it out at least once.

- Chris

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