All the Great stuff that comes with your glasses


The other day I received an e-mail from Clearly Contacts saying they were giving away 5000 pairs of glasses for free. No catch (just pay the shipping) all you had to do is like the Clearly Contacts Facebook Group and they will give you the coupon code.
In my case the Coupon Code was: TORONTO5K and on the day of the giveaway find a pair of glasses you like and they are Free, that includes Frames, lenses, glasses case, contact case, key chain glasses tool and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The only thing is you had to pay for shipping, in Canada it has set at $14.95 for shipping which is an amazing price for a pair of glasses.This was so popular that they sold out in close to 3 hours.
The sale was last Friday January 14th and I already received my glasses January 20th. So in less then one week I ordered brand new glasses and they were delivered for under $20.

3 tips for your glasses purchase to go smoothly are as follows:

1) Have your optometrist prescription ready ( this includes axis, sphere, and cylinder)
2) Look a day or two before the sale at different types of glasses and write them down, not all glasses are included in the sale so it is wise to have a second or even third choice ready
3) If the sale starts at 12pm then be on the website and ready to enter the code right at 12, that way you do not have to wait for the page to load (due to high visitor traffic.)

Box the Glasses came in

It was simple to do and took no time at all, if you need a new or even a second pair of glasses and don’t feel like paying the high price wait for Clearly Contacts to have another sale. A few months ago they gave away 10,000 pairs of glasses for free.

Rearview of glasses

If you wanted to add the lens protection and UV Rays it was a reasonable price and you could also tint your glasses for a small fee. I just went with the plain under $15 shipped to my door glasses and so far they are great. The lens are clear and the frames are metal and I can see fine too.

Great Pair of Glasses

I have also purchased contact lens from Clearly Contacts in the past and they are great I have had no problems at all and they are reasonably priced too.
I highly recommend Clearly Contacts for anyone looking to purchase new glasses or contacts.

- Chris

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